Baby Kirill

A facebook friend of mine is adopting a sweet little boy from Russia. They are in Moscow now to go before the judge a second time to request the ability to adopt little Kirill. The problem is, Kirill has Down’s Syndrome. When Tesney and Greg went before the judge the first time, their petition to adopt was denied because no one had ever adopted a child with Down’s Syndrome before. No one ever wanted to. No one.

You can read about Tesney and Greg’s story here. Will you join us in praying that this time sweet Kirill can come home to his forever family?

Since then, however, another family has gone to Russia with a desire to adopt a precious little girl with Down’s Syndrome. This time, knowing what these people faced, the Christian community prayed, and the judge said, “YES!” Read about their story, and see their precious new daughter here.

We are praying that the judge would see Tesney and Greg’s earnest desire to love and parent a child with Down’s Syndrome. This is not easily comprehended in Russian culture. No one keeps a child with this syndrome in Eastern Europe. The orphanage that these precious babies go to when they are four is horrific and unthinkable in American culture.

Let’s pray Kirill Home!


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