Celebrating Her Life

I want to write this morning about Teresa, and how she blessed our lives in the short time we knew her.


I want to write about how Jesus shines amidst the brokenness of our lives.

And perhaps I may do that today.

But I want to share dear Ann’s post about their great loss and Teresa’s miracle. You may read it on her blog here, and I have also reposted it below.

MONDAY, JULY 1, 2013
Thank You
Thank you for all being a part of Teresa’s miracle. She has her new heart and is in Jesus arms . We never wanted Teresa to die alone an orphan and she didn’t . She was surrounded by everyone that loved her . We know she was never ours to keep that god was just sharing her with us . Now he will share her with the entire world from heaven .

I now know how our Blessed Mother felt holding her beloved son Jesus , as he was taken off the cross . I never wanted to let her go .

For two weeks Teresa bled from her eyes , nose , mouth and heart. She thirsted so badly . She signed for a drink every time she woke . Her bed became her cross .

The hardest thing we have ever had to do was leave the hospital tonight with out her .
I will post information about her funeral ( celebration of life) , tomorrow .

God is good all of the time , blessed be the name of The Lord !!!


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  1. Molly says:

    July 1 would have been the 52nd birthday of Diana, Princess of Wales. I was at the library on the evening of July 1 when I saw a book about Diana on display — the one authorized by her estate and memorial fund (“Diana: The Portrait”). Nelson Mandela wrote the foreword. In that foreword, he wrote a really powerful sentence that I’ve been thinking about ever since: “… the value of a life is not ended by death … we can all learn from her example and embrace her legacy.” While words probably can’t comfort Teresa’s family today, the words did make me think of Teresa’s legacy. And how she went to Heaven on the birthday of a princess.

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