A Dream Come True

It was just a dream.

It was a tiny thought that kept appearing in my mind as I parented our daughters who came home to us through adoption, as I brushed their hair and held their tiny hands in mine. It was an idea that flashed across my mind when I’d see the girls smiles or as I’d watch them chat with their siblings in conversations redolent of connection, acceptance, love, belonging. It flickered brighter as I watched Eliza and Evangeline blossom in our oh so imperfect family.

It was just a spark of light that I hoped someday would ignite into a full blown blaze, yet I had no idea how to fan that glowing ember in my mind.

I’m a dreamer, a writer, a visionary perhaps, yet I struggle to see the path I must take to bring all those big ideas that flitter across my mind into reality. So there my dream remained, just a tiny spark inside my mind until I dared to give it words and share it with my precious, make things happen friend, Stephanie.

“I really want to start an orphan ministry.” I’d say to her from time to time amidst the craziness of our sixteen children.

She’d smile in that genuine, affirming way that has become such an endeared part of my life.

Then life would come at us, hard, painful, demanding, exhausting, and we’d get caught up in the present, in the seeming urgencies of the moment.

And the dream just flickered.

Over coffee and amidst the playful sounds of our children, I’d say again, “You know, I’d really like to start an orphan ministry.”

She’d flash that smile filled with love for my heart and empathy for the fact that I had no idea how to make any of it happen, and we’d move on to all the other things we wanted to share with each other in our limited catch up time.

The spark kept glowing inside me. I prayed and asked God to show me the way, but the needs of my family and children filled my time. For so long, I felt I couldn’t even write on my blog, let alone begin a ministry. I’d tell myself, someday, in God’s perfect timing, He’ll show me the way.

Yet in my mind the needs of the children waiting pressed with an urgency that troubled me, and I wanted so badly to begin.

Then our pastor preached a series of sermons about the fruit of our lives, about how while works won’t save our souls, they are the natural outpouring of the life of a Christian. He reminded us of the awesome blessing and priviledge we have as children of God to actually partake in His work and to allow our hearts to be broken with the things that break the heart of God. Our Pastor’s words spoke to me and reminded me of that blessed communion with our Heavenly Father that actually allows us to share God’s heart and desires, that makes us one with God.

I knew the dream inside me was one that God had placed there, and I whispered a quiet, “Please Lord, show me the way.”

The very next time I saw Stephanie, her eyes were bright and words rolled off her tongue with the energy of a child waiting to open presents on Christmas morning, “We need to start that orphan ministry. Let’s just do it.”

Today,  Let the Children Come, is an official ministry of Faith Bible Church. We are a group of mothers, many homeschooling, who gather together while our children play, on the first Tuesday of every month to pray for God to raise up families who are willing to adopt, to pray for the children who wait, to plan ways to support those in our community who may be adopting or fostering, and to seek God’s direction for our ministry.

We are a small group in the initial stages of developing with far more questions than we have answers, yet even now, God is moving. After just a few months of praying and sharing the needs, God moved in the hearts of John and Janette Feltes to adopt.

I am so excited to share with you that this very special young man has a family!


One day during a meeting of Let the Children Come and after I’d been rambling on about all the miracles God performed to bring our girls home, one of the members of our group shared through tears about her desire to adopt.

Below are her words.

After Diane shared her story with me last November, I felt God leading us down the adoption path. I felt that if I were to stand before God, He would say to me, “Well, I’m really glad you were comfortable.” We are not called to be comfortable but to serve others and show them His love. God has a heart for the orphans. John and I have a heart for the aging out orphans. Not only to save them from a life on the streets, but to share the love of Jesus with them. We started filling out the application in December and prayed if it was meant to be, that God would provide the application fee of $300 before we received our tax money. The day we received our tax money, I received an email from someone that said they had $300 for us. So we knew that this was the path God was leading us. We took a huge leap of faith and are trusting God to provide to bring Jeremiah home to us. Jeremiah ages out in January.

Our kids are so excited. Malorie wanted us to adopt a girl; she has always wanted a sister. We were at the dinner table one night and came across Jeremiah on the waiting children list. He wrote a letter that said he just wanted a family and a mom and dad who would love him. All I could do was cry. At bedtime, we were praying with the kids and Malorie got quiet. She turned to me and said, “Mom, I really want Jeremiah.” That’s when we decided that we wanted Jeremiah to be a part of our family. Mason is so excited to have a brother to share his room with. One day, we were all in the car and John and I were discussing some adoption fees that needed to be paid. Mason and Malorie were whispering in the backseat. Mason said, “Mom, Malorie and I each have $5 from our allowance and we want you to use it for the adoption, so you have ten extra dollars.” My heart melted. God already is growing our faith! I love that our kids get to be a part of this and see firsthand how God is at work.

How great is our God! 

John and Janette have twin children, Mallorie and Mason. 

Aren’t they just the cutest?


The Feltes are stepping out in faith, just like most of us do here in the adoption community, trusting God to provide all that they need to go and get their son. They have set up an account through Adopt Together where they can receive tax deductible donations. 

Janette has started a blog at Journey Full of Blessings. Please follow their story and join us at Let the Children Come in praying for the Feltes as they trust God to do the miraculous in their lives. 

I just can’t wait to watch God move mountains to bring precious Jeremiah home to his family!


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