Everyday Blessings

The sun rises earlier now and dips behind the trees a little later blessing us with warmer days, longer evenings and a slower schedule. It’s that time of year when cool breezes billow through the curtains, bright green grasses beckon bare foot children to run and frolic unfettered on their turfs, and birds greet us each morning with their beautiful songs. Children exchange their school books for life lessons involving hop toads, swimming pools, and summer chores.

During this beautiful season of renewal when God breaths new life into all living things, I am overwhelmingly aware of how thankful I am for so many of God’s blessings and renewals in my life this year. I am thankful for God’s protection and grace, for my dear husband and precious children, for my family and their faithful love, for our home, and the list goes on.

As I reflect on the long winter, our hurried schedule, the lunches packed, sports games attended, homework accomplished, projects built, and papers written, I am particularly thankful for the teachers, administrators and staff of the Christian school where our children attend.

I am thankful for their daily commitment to teach our children with love and from God’s perspective. Every day the papers have come home carefully corrected in an effort to help our children do their best. I’m thankful for the math facts mastered, scripture verses memorized, bumps and bruises bandaged, and for the emails and hand written notes apprising us of the good and bad in our children’s days.

The many hours teachers have stayed after school to assist one of our children who needed extra help, or to enable them to participate in a myriad of extra-curricular activities, come flooding back to me as the breezes do through my window filling me with thankfulness. The songs our kids have learned, the art projects they’ve been encouraged to create, and the gentle guidance in choosing books to read that glorify our Lord provide such a rich and fertile environment in which our children can grow.

I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for the people who have partnered with us as we work to develop and steer our children’s character and as we set the foundation for a life walked with God. I’m thankful for the times the teachers and administrators have disciplined our children in love, for the times they’ve held them accountable for their actions, and I’m thankful for the times they’ve chosen to give them grace.

The school as a whole has loved my husband and me. They have understood our parent hearts, forgiven us for our emotional outbursts. They have supported us as we have learned to parent our children. They have prayed with us when things looked bleak and tuition payments were hard to make. And they have given us grace as we have tried and sometimes faltered to raise a big family in a little family world.

But perhaps I am most thankful for the times the teachers and staff have prayed for our children, for the times they have petitioned the Throne of Grace for wisdom and guidance. I know of no greater blessing a school can give a parent than the commitment to pray for their children.

So, as my senses are filled with the sweet fragrance of this special season, my heart, too, is acutely aware of the fabulous year our children have experienced and of the committed and sacrificial love of each one who made this year a reality.


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