Darkness…and Grace

I wrote this last night after everyone fell asleep. We still don’t have electric, but we’re getting closer! 🙂

I sit here in the darkness.

A faint shimmering glow from the candle in the kitchen illuminates my husband and our children, draped like fallen soldiers all over our back to back living rooms. The scorching sun, along with its blessed light, set long ago, and a welcome gentle breeze has finally begun to waft through our windows.

I am so thankful for the quiet.

And tonight, amidst my fatigue and all the debris, I am painfully aware of how fragile life is. This storm that no one expected and yet crippled such a huge area has reminded me so poignantly that our lives are but a breath in this carnal world. Our time here on earth is ever so brief. And all the things we come to count on are like the dust from which we came.

They too can waft away, just as quickly as the wind can blow.

We can’t make our own hearts beat.

We can’t make the trees stand or keep the sea within in boundaries.

We can’t stop the fires.

Yet we build our lives here in this temporal world as if it will always be the same, as if it is all that matters.

We count on circumstances and the creation rather than the Creator.

It is God’s grace that keeps this world in motion. It is He who tempers the storms. It is He who breathes life into our bodies.

We live and breath because of God’s grace alone.

Shouldn’t He hold our hearts?

Shouldn’t Heaven hold our treasures?

Precious Father,

Thank you for your grace.

May we realize our desperate need for you more clearly now than we ever have before, and may our lives reflect the knowledge of our need for you.

Draw us close to you.

Fill us with Your likeness.

And use us for Your glory…whatever the cost.

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