Hearts Overflowing

On Saturday, we packed up some of the kids and went on a mission…to Build A Bear.


We’re still working on our care packages, and wanted to record a message for each of the girls. Build A Bear has a little recorder that can be placed inside your bear’s paw. When the button is pushed, your voice is played.

We all piled in the bathroom where it was most quiet, and tried to talk in unison. All we ended up with was static, so in the end, we decided the voice should be mama’s.

Ni hao, (insert their Chinese names here). Wōmen ài ni.

Hi, …. We love you.


We stuffed our bears,


and filled them with lots of hearts and kisses.


Here they are. Two little bears, who will travel across the world to carry a message of love to two young ladies who have waited far too long for their families.


Oh how we long to love our girls. How we long to begin the journey of healing in their lives, to walk hand in hand with them as they face the pain and grief of far too many years alone, and as they begin to build a new life with their forever family.


We are overwhelmed by all of your gifts. The Chip In just keeps growing! We are watching a miracle unfold, and are in awe of every penny donated. Every five or ten dollars just takes our breath away. We are acutely aware of the sacrifice so many of you are making to enable these precious girls to come home to our family, and are filled with unspeakable gratitude. We are so humbled by your gifts and by what God is doing through all of you. Wow!

We are unspeakably blessed to be a part of this redemption story.

Thank you so much!

God bless you sweet friends!

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