New Blessings!

Oh my goodness!!!

We received a very special blessing in my inbox today.

A fellow adoptive mom is in China adopting her precious little one and met our dear Eliza.


She wrote these words…

I will say, I was in LOVE with her!!! She was so sweet and lovely. Of everyone there, she broke my heart the most as she would be wonderful with a family and I can tell wants it SO bad.


They call her, “Lulu” in the orphanage. 🙂 She is well loved and oh so precious!!!


Oh, be still my heart!!!

Our dear sweet girl, you have no idea how we are preparing for you!

In an early letter, Eliza wrote,

I like the color blue, white and black. You might think it’s strange, black and white? I think they look better when put together.

Eliza will share a room with our oldest daughter, Victoria. This is how our sweet Victoria chose to decorate the room to bless her newest sister.


Oh sweet Lulu, how eager we are to bring you home forever!

God bless you all!

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  1. Rebecca Ketcherside says:

    Lulu is so beautiful! She will be in your loving family’s arms soon and please tell Victoria that the way she decorated her room for Lulu is truly a sister’s blessing of love. I love the room’s decor, simple and elegant and will be filled with memories very soon!

  2. Stacey says:

    Victoria, you made me cry! My heart is gushing and that thoughtfulness that you have for your sister! She is going to love your room and ESPECIALLY you. Wonderful! So excited for your family and this growth spurt!

  3. Colleen says:

    I’m so happy to see that Lulu is getting her own forever family! She and our son were in the same orphanage, and it seems like most of the pictures we got of our son had Lulu in them!

    Victoria — I love the room! What a sweet, sweet girl you are!

    Colleen in PA

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