Beautiful Xi’an

Our early days here passed so quickly that I did not get to post some of the photos I took of the beautiful city of Xi’an. I am not sure I’ll be able to currectly identify everything, but the beauty of this ancient city so rich in culture will shine through in spite of my feeble attempts at retelling the tale.

This is the courtyard of our hotel in Xi’an.

I’ll post more photos in another post of the beautiful furniture that is made in this factory. I don’t want the page to be too difficult for your computers to load.

The girls are doing well tonight! We had a difficult day with Eliza today, but she just went for a walk with her Daddy to go get a pizza, and her sweet smile just lit up her face.

Our guide Rebecca called the orphange today to find out a little more about our dear Eliza. This is one child who has definitely wanted a family for a very long time.

Mark and I are committed to bringing home BOTH our girls. God has made His will so clear throughout this entire adoption that these two precious treasures are to be in our family.

No matter what it takes, BOTH of our sweet new daughters will be on that plane heading to America where their precious brothers and sisters are waitng!

Blessings All!


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  1. Diane says:

    This is Victoria. I would like to announce that I took all but one of these pictures. You can probably guess which one. That is all.

  2. Julie Agee says:


    I just caught up with your trip–I had previously read about gotcha day for Evangeline. Just know that God has big plans for both girls! I loved reading your commitment to bring them home–only God can give you that determination!
    Focus on that right now and remember that you can call and talk whatever you need to when you get to the US. I may not have the answers–but I know how to pray to the ONE who does!

    Praying for you guys now!

  3. Desiree Stockman says:

    Loving all the pictures and updates! Continuing in prayer as you finish out this part of the journey! Eliza and Evangeline are beautiful! It is a challenge with older child adoption! But such a true blessing! We found it hard with Sam while there in China with him! I wanted to bad to be back home in my element to make parenting a little easier. Once we were home, he was able to see what “real life” was like in a family. Right now you are still in their country so it’s hard for everyone! Praying daily for all of you!

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