A Very Special Miracle

We have been home from China with our girls for seven and a half weeks, and they were ours two weeks before that. In some ways, it’s hard to believe that much time has passed, and yet in others it feels like an awful lot has happened since we met our precious blessings.

Tonight I am in awe of this amazing miracle God has allowed us to be a part of. Ten mere weeks ago, our girls were orphans. They were alone, in China, living in institutions.

Evangeline had a bone infection that at the very least would have claimed her leg, and at it’s worst, her life. She desperately needed medical care. She lived in such a poor orphanage that she was usually hungry. She has a drastically low Vitamin D level from a lack of calcium. She didn’t get enough protein, and is anemic.

And sweet Eliza was the last of the girls her age to be adopted. We thought she merely had a history of heart surgery, but she too has more going on than we knew. She is severely deficient in Vitamin D and is anemic as well. She is very young and naive, and I have a pretty good idea of what her life would have been if she had been forced to live on the streets of China.

Our girls needed us so much more than we had any idea.

But God knew.

He hand picked Mark and me to be their parents on the other side of the world from where they lived, created a compelling desire in our hearts to bring them home, and provided every single penny we needed in about three months time.

And they are happy here.

And we are blessed.

The road ahead may be a long one as we plod through Evangeline’s health issues, and we work to build stronger connections with Eliza, but it’s a road I was created to walk.

I am so overwhelmed and amazed by God’s grace and provision to us. I love my huge cumbersome family. Tonight was such a sweet night with ALL of our kids. We relaxed. I made smoothies in the blender. Victoria made caramel tortillas for herself and siblings. Mark made some kind of fancy tortilla sandwiches. Every one of the kids was in the kitchen laughing and interacting, and I was just overwhelmed with joy for this life I lead.

I have been aware of something wonderful happening with our girls this weekend. They are knitting together as only sisters do, intermingling and building a history together. Sophia and Evangeline have become amazing friends, but even beyond that special friendship, I see relationships developing among all five. I’ve found them all together in Victoria and Eliza’s room the last few nights, and it feels so right to see all of our girls together.

I am just overwhelmed at God’s goodness to me.

I do have one prayer request before I close. Evangeline’s foot is very hot and swollen tonight. I called the doctor and it could be infected again. We may have to take her to Children’s tomorrow. Please pray with us for our sweet girl.









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