All About Steven

Steven is one of our really good boys.

You know the kind. They are quiet, rarely do anything wrong, never seem to have any needs that are too urgent. In a word, they are content.

That is our Steven.

My sweet boy.

No matter how delightful, there is a danger in being so good, so peaceful. Sometimes all the needs clamor so loudly, and Steven just waits, as patiently as ever. And even quiet, content kids need attention and time with Mom and Dad.

The last few months have been so busy. We’ve been consumed with the adoptions and the girls. Evangeline has been sick and spent so much time at CHOP, and I have too.

Our little trouper just weathered the storm. Just like he always does. Quietly.

So this morning my focus was Steven. Just Steven.

He was the one and only helper I took with me to the grocery store.


For two hours this morning, all my smiles were just for Steven.

He even got a special drink from Starbucks, and so did his mama.


And when we got home, guess who greeted me in the garage?



In that one tiny moment, I was overwhelmed with warmth and compassion for this sweet child who in so many ways is still so very much alone inside those protective, rigid walls. For that one moment, I was her mother, and she welcomed me home with a smile.

And that was all it took to flood my heart with love for her, to fill my tank again.

I wish I could post a new picture of Eliza, but the smiles are so brief, and I don’t even want to take a chance at spoiling the mood for a picture. So, my words will have to suffice, for now.


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  1. Mark says:

    And I could tell from the aroma as soon as I opened my car door that someone had been to Starbucks. That someone was not me . . .

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