I’m a Mary

I’m a Mary, not a Martha.

Although I benefit from some structure in my life, I struggle mightily with creating it.

I will sit patiently with you if you are sad, or just want to talk.

I have no problem rocking babies, or children while the laundry piles up.

I don’t mind at all if we get lost in a book we’re all reading and dinner is terribly late.

It is perfectly fine with me if we decide to have a month where we do nothing but Biology or Bible,…or Writing.

I like to ease into my mornings with coffee and my Bible.

I love the rain

…and winter.

Shallow conversations drain me.

I find deep conversations exhilarating and inspiring.

Hard things don’t scare me.

Television bores me.

I love to spend our evenings reading the Bible with our kids.

My little ones feel perfectly comfortable wearing varying amounts of clothing throughout their days, and most of the time, I am just fine with that.

I wore my babies in a sling, and often wish my back was strong enough to carry our older ones.

I’m not big on youth centered activities, but really enjoy family centered ones.

I think big families experience special blessings.

I believe parents of big families are blessed with a unique wisdom that you just can’t know until you’ve parented the masses.

While we waited for our girls to come home, I worried that this relaxed, unstructured lifestyle we have might be really hard for our girls who new nothing but the rigid structure of institutional living.

Somehow though, I think the girls have benefited from the opportunity to let down. I think they like our sleepy mornings, and relaxed days. In fact, I think they really needed to learn to occupy themselves a bit, and I am amazed at the friendships the girls are developing with their siblings.

I know they are thriving here amidst the love and security of our family.

Our children got to see our God miraculously provide every single penny to bring them home.

They learned God’s heart is for the orphan, and when we step out in faith to meet their needs, He will move every mountain.

It took me until I was forty five to learn that.

And I learned something else this fall too. If I can trust God to bring two orphans from the other side of the world and place them in our family, I sure can trust Him to give us wisdom as we juggle the day to day issues of our mega-family.

Blessings All!






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