CHOP With Eliza Too!

We are at CHOP again, but I wanted to do a quick post and tell you that Eliza chose to come with us today!

She has been such a homebody since we came home and has really not wanted to go anywhere. When we have insisted, we have wished we hadn’t. She has been painfully withdrawn and terribly unhappy, so her desire to come with us today shows huge progress.

Last night I noticed she and Evangeline and Sophia were real chatty and connected. This is so remarkable because Eliza has not been a part of anything until this past weekend.

When we adopted two aging out girls from China, it was my hope that they would forge a bond that would ease their transitions into our family and their new country. But it was not until this weekend that I noticed them comfortably talking and enjoying each other.

Last night when I kissed the girls goodnight and prayed with them, Evangeline told that me that Eliza was coming with us in the morning.

Eliza is a night owl and has a hard time settling down at night to go to sleep, and was still awake in her bed at 1:00am last night. I wondered if she would want to get up in time.

But she woke us at six, and was showered and dressed in no time! She took the puppies out on her own and even put their diapers on!

Yes, you read that correctly. I have eleven children whom I homeschool, and I have two tiny dogs in diapers.

Our sweet girl is healing!

My mother’s heart is soaring for our sweet little lamb who has been so crushed by the cruelties of this world.

Watching Eliza bloom here with us reminds me of this verse.

And I will restore to you the years that the locusts have eaten. ~Joel 2:25

God is restoring our sweet girl.


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  1. Penny says:

    So happy to read about her coming out of her shell!

    I was wondering if it “threw” her to meet you in China and find there was another Chinese daughter kind of “ahead” of her (since you got Evangeline first) – perhaps she wasn’t expecting that and was jealous?

    I LOVE the verse you quoted! Actually I love pretty much everything you write. I wish I could sit and have a cup of coffee with you – except it’s hard to imagine you’d have the time to actually sit down and drink it!!

  2. Jane Caldwell says:

    thanks for the update Diane ….that is WONDERFUL news!! God is at work…may He continue to heal, restore and reveal Himself to your precious girls and your entire family!!

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