So Many Things

The weekend passed so quickly, and it was filled with so many wonderful things I want to share with all of you.

We are in the car on our way to CHOP to see the world renown Dr. Richard Campbell who developed a way for children with serious scoliosis and back deformities to grow using a device he calls veptrs. We do not know if Evangeline will be a candidate for this procedure, but we are eager to hear what he says as she is so very tiny.

Evangeline’s foot looks very good, and we may be postponing the surgery for a while. She shared with me a desire that she has had for a long time while she was in China to do Ballet. I don’t know if it will be possible for her at all, but the director of the Atlantic City Ballet has suggested she try it and see how she does. She walks so well and strengthening her muscles in her hips and thighs may help her. We can always have the surgery, but once her tendons are cut, she would never be able to try ballet.

I hope she is able to do it, but even if she can’t, I’d rather give her the chance to try and allow her the opportunity to decide for herself if she can do it, then rush into surgery that will forever render her foot immovable and make anything like that impossible. Postponing the surgery will also allow us more time to explore other options with other doctors.

I have so much to say about Eliza, but we’re pulling into the parking garage so I’ll write about that later.

She is doing so well!


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  1. Marny says:

    Diane, what kind of a surgery are they talking about? The goal and result of a tendon release is usually to improve range of motion, not reduce it.

  2. Karen says:

    Glad things are going well with her foot ! Emily is having VEPTR surgery Dec 12. That is so awesome to get to see Dr Campbell. He is the rock star of scoliosis ! Looking forward to hearing what he thinks.

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