Our Sweet Girls

It is late. I just posted a new page on my blog linking sermons from a favorite speaker, and our homeschool beckons me first thing on Monday mornings, but I really want to update you on this new stage we are in with the girls.

Before I begin, I want to say the girls are precious. They look at us with those sincere, innocent smiles, and we are just filled to overflowing with love and joy for our teenage babies. They are solidly grafted into our family and we are so blessed by their presence in our lives.

God knew these dear girls were ours before the foundation of the world, and His wisdom never ceases to amaze me.

Having said that, I’d like to name this new stage, BEHAVIORS.

Oh my goodness! Our sweet young ladies are testing the boundaries here in our home. They are ornery, deceitful, manipulative, and incredibly rambunctious!

They are raising a royal ruckus!

Our precious ones have never had parents, yet they have needed us desperately. They lived in environments where they had to fend for themselves. They had little to no long term relationships with adults. The people they loved were other orphaned children. They are filled with behaviors of survival.

They ally with the other children, giggle when they are corrected, say okay and run right back to what we just asked them to stop doing.

They are dear, and sweet, and precious,…and exhausting!

I hope I am accurately portraying this stage. I expected it to come. I knew it would be normal and appropriate when it arrived. And I can’t say I’m sad it’s here.

I’m not. I’m so thankful the girls are being real with us. I’m thankful they are secure enough in our love to show their ornery sides. And I’m thankful to feel that I am indeed their mother. I feel like I can begin to teach them to be the precious people God created them to be now.

They really speak a lot of English. Teaching them is so much easier. I feel confident in my mothering again and in my ability to be their mother.

But, oh my goodness! Precious Eliza and Evangeline are a handful!

I’m also working on a post about my newest endeavor, and I can’t wait to share all about that too.

I will. Soon. I promise!

For now, from the trenches…

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