Yesterday was Colin’s birthday.


Our sweet boy is turning into a very handsome young man with quite a talent for ballet.

How the years have past!

Steven and Colin were born exactly two years apart on the ninth and the eleventh.


Steven loves to read and is quite the story teller. I love to hear him summarize the books he is reading for homeschool. I’m not sure who’s more eager to find out what happens next.


Tomorrow afternoon we have a day planned at the park. Daddy plans to take a football for his boys, and we are hoping to push Evangeline around the walking path for a breath of fresh air.


She may even be able to climb around the playground structures or swing a little.

Evangeline had a tough day today. It seems like every time she takes a breath I’m coming at her with tubes or medicine or asking her to put her feet up.

The past month of illnesses and Evangeline’s surgery has been tough. We are all ready to get out of the house a bit, but I’ve been thinking about how well both of the girls have bonded with us.

We came home in September from China, and we really halted everything to stay home and bond with the girls. Other than nutcracker and church and Children’s Hospital, we pretty much just spent time together as a family. In some ways that was hard, but I really think we are reaping the benefits of that choice in the strong bonds we have developed with the girls.


This picture of all of us singing to Steven is blurry, but I think it really shows the pure glee on Eliza’s face. She is so very happy here.

Tonight, Mark took Evan to apply for a job at a restaurant, and it was time for me to put the littles to bed. Evangeline and Sophia are fast friends and were settled relaxing in their bedroom, but Eliza seemed restless and clingy.

I could tell she needed me so I asked her to come with me.

I took the three little ones up to our room and lined them up in our bed, and I sat down in the rocker next to the bed.

Eliza sat on my lap.

I prayed, and then I sang the lullabies I always sing to the children as they drift off to sleep.

Eliza ran off to put her pajamas on and came back with her soft blanket we gave her for Christmas. She sat on my lap again, but this time she sat cradled in her blanket with her head resting on my shoulder.

She snuggled in while I rocked her and sang all the Michael Card lullabies I memorized when our older children were little. It seemed like we sat there forever, just the two of us. We rocked long after the children had fallen asleep.

And somehow, in God’s infinite grace, I rocked my Chinese baby to sleep, years later than I should have, but exactly in God’s perfect timing. I held the tiny abandoned baby that she was in my arms tonight and sang to her about the One who loved her long before He brought her home to me.

And for those precious few moments when all pretense was gone, time was of little consequence and I touched that place inside of her that yearned for me so long ago.

In some way, I was there with her all those lonely nights she cried herself to sleep.

Eliza is finally in her mother’s arms.

He places the lonely in families.

He binds us together.

And He heals the hurts of years past.


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  1. Gordon Garrett says:

    Diane, I thank God for you and the Heart Full of Love that you have for your Children. And to be able to hear the Still Small Voice(s). Not Just the Voice from the Father but the Voices of your Children (Yes, Your Children) from the other side of the world. God created You to be the Loving Mother for ALL your children.
    As usual, I read your blog and end up sitting here crying. But it’s crying for Joy. May God Bless Y’all.

    • Diane says:

      Our Jonathan is a character!!! He is always up to something! He thought he was so cute with that spoon hanging off his nose, and he was! 🙂

  2. Rebekah says:

    What a beautiful post; such a special blessing for you to be able to give Eliza that mother’s love she has been missing for so long. This brought tears to my eyes.

    • Diane says:

      Thank you, Rebekah. We serve an awesome God who is able to heal hurts long past. How blessed we are to be a part in Her healing.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Thank you for writing faithfully. I don’t always post, but I always love to read what you have to say. You have an amazing gift and it encourages me,

  4. Karen J Moseley says:

    Tears! Such a touching post, Diane. You ARE a wonderful Mama, to all of your children. You gave Eliza exactly what she needed. She is going to heal and bond with you, so much faster. Physical touch is incredibly healing. I remember leaving a comment about “holding” a newborn and that attachment that happens in those early days and weeks of an infants life. So, to come and read that she put her jammies on and brought her blanket and LET you rock her to sleep…well, it brought me to tears. Bless You, Friend.
    Karen J Moseley recently posted..SO MANY LITTLE ONES NEEDING PRAYERSMy Profile

  5. Rhonda Schuler says:

    Diane, I am so happy that you had that moment. I could feel it in your words. Thank you for sharing something so personal.

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