I’m just amazed at how much progress Eliza has made since we brought her home in September.


She has solidly claimed her spot amongst the children,


And grandchildren.


She has become my house helper. She loves to organize and keep the house neat. Here she is organizing my container cupboard.


She is by my side all day long ready to help me with whatever I am doing.

She loves to take pictures of our pets and wildlife.

Here are a few pictures she took.

This is Cappuccino.


This is our newest addition, Elfie.


And this is Sebastian.


Here Mark is feeding the dogs with a fork.


And this is a turkey eating from our bird feeder which is off the second floor deck.


Eliza really enjoys all the animals.

She loves her home and delights in taking care of it.

When one of the little ones needs something, Eliza is usually the first one to jump up and get it for them, and she always knows exactly where whatever they are looking for is located.

She has great strengths, and has demonstrated her amazing resilience in the way she has made the adjustment into our family.

She really loves her mommy.


And we are richer for having loved her.


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  1. Rhonda Schuler says:

    Sounds like she is home. I am so happy for you. Her smile always makes me smile. What a gift to you and Mark. Sending love…even though you have a ton!

  2. Claudia Huisman says:

    Dear Diane,
    I am so touched by the way Eliza cherishes your family and you as her mom… So hard to believe she had to be without this basic life need for so long. And now she has it, she never wants to let go. Sweet girl…
    Happy weekend and warm regards,

    • Penny says:

      She looks so happy, and so pretty! That photo of her leaning back into your embrace brought tears to my eyes. Such a typical childhood gesture, yet she waited so long to be able to do that and looks so joyous to be able to do it. Actually, I’m always struck by the joy on the girls’ faces in so many of these photos – it speaks volumes!

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