Precious Teresa

Our son Steven had an appointment at CHOP today. We were in the emergency room with him on Friday night with kidney issues, and we had an appointment today with a nephrologist. He is doing well, and we are hoping he continues to improve.

Teresa is Evangeline’s friend. They have visited each other during their hospital stays at CHOP, and they just seemed to develop a sweet friendship.

While Steven and I were at the hospital today, we went to see Ann, Teresa’s mother, and we prayed together for Teresa.

Yesterday everything seemed to be going in such a positive direction. The heart was a perfect match. It was in such good shape, and everything looked so hopeful.

Yet, tonight she lies in the hospital bed on life support with a heart that has stopped beating.

It’s hard to imagine this is the miracle we have all prayed for for so long.

Yet, it isn’t over.

God is still is on the throne. He can breathe life into those sweet lungs and that new heart as simply as He raised Lazarus from the dead.


Let’s storm the gates of Heaven with our prayers tonight on behalf of Teresa.

Ask everyone you know to pray for her.

May sweet Teresa have her miracle at last.


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