Day 4 – Post Op

The team rounded this morning and said that Evangeline is in a stalling pattern. In other words, she should be sitting, taking a couple steps, eating, and drinking on her own. Unfortunately she’s doing none of that.

She is just in agony and screams from pain if we just try to move her slightly to reposition her in the bed so she doesn’t get sores.

PT an OT came at the same time today so they did put her brace on and had her sit up for just a few minutes, maybe 3. She just is in so much pain she can hardly bear it.


As her mother, I know this is typical for Evangeline. She just has a very delicate body that heals more slowly than most. And I also know she will get through it. Right now is hard. She is just suffering terribly and wants to be left to sleep. She refuses food and medicine, and we have to force her which is so hard for me.

Today she said, “Mommy, of all the people in the world, I trusted you. And I don’t any more. You made me take that medicine. You know I don’t like medicine!”

It made me smile, but I felt the pain of it too. Sometimes being a mother is tough. And the nurses refuse to let her continue to lie in bed and just sleep from the drugs. She has to continually be roused, and fights it every time. That fight inside of her is what has gotten her to this point. I’m so thankful for her fight.

The problem is most kids are off most of the pain killers now and they have needed to increase her meds for her so she can just have enough relief to rest.

So. Things are going much more slowly than we had hoped, but I would still say very typical for Evangeline.

Dr. Campbell came by yesterday and did say that she may need inpatient rehab. We really hoped to avoid that, but will do whatever is best for her. She’ll be in the hospital another week or so, so we have time to figure all of that out.

Things are okay at home. Mark and Victoria are struggling some with the weight of it all, but Mark’s mother is arriving today, and that will be so much help to all of us.

The kids at home are missing me. And of course I am missing them. Little Livi is on the mend.

Meals have been coming, and are blessing us so much. If you have made a meal for our family, please know that you are blessing us enormously. Thank you so very much.

And we thank all of you who are following along with us and praying for Evangeline and our family.

God bless you.

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  1. Claudia says:

    Poor Evangeline, I feel so sorry for her. Hard to believe that moving so shortly after major surgery is good, isn’t it? Is she able to do some breathing excersises, like taking deep breaths when having to move, to help her relax?
    Hoping for some relief, warm rgds, Claudia

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