Post Op – Day 5, feeding tube.

Evangeline is not tolerating the pain meds well. She is terribly nauseas, and has eaten nothing but a few bites of strawberries. She vomits her pain meds, and is in agony.

At this point, she is dehydrated and not metabolizing the meds. Yesterday she sat up in the brace for maybe five minutes while they were holding her up. She is days behind where they would like her to be.

They’re planning on putting a feeding tube down today and re-starting her IV fluids.

We’re also moving to another floor today. They need the bed in the ICU. This may seem like a small request, but will you please pray too that we get a private room again. It’s just double the interruptions in a shared room, and I am exhausted already.

Yesterday was a long day for me, but Mark came last night, and we took a four mile walk into center city. I took some pictures.








Yesterday, Mark took the kids and his mother down to my parents for dinner. He made two trips so his mom wouldn’t have to drive our big van home with all of the kids. Olivia was upset when he left so she sat on the step waiting for him. And then Jon joined her to comfort her. Victoria took the pictures because it was so precious.



Thank you all for praying us through this. As hard as it is, it’s a miracle she can still move her legs. We thank you all so much.


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