Post – op Day 6, Big Steps

Evangeline really made improvement yesterday.

They got her out of bed, and she stood and took a few tiny steps to turn toward the chair.


They left her sitting for half an hour, and then did it all over again in the afternoon. She was not happy about it, but she did it!


And she ate two bowls of strawberries and a very little bit of fried rice with tofu! It wasn’t enough, but it was enough to hold the feeding tube off another day.

We moved out of ICU to the orthopedic floor. We loaded her bed so high with all of our things!


Can you see her in there?



We moved to a new PRIVATE room!


And it is PINK!


It has a lovely view and a wall of windows.


It’s really big and spacious.


God certainly is in the details, my friends!


We are so thankful!


Things are really moving along. Orthopedics came and took out both drains from her back yesterday, so that should make wearing her brace more comfortable.

The days are passing, but with them the ache to be at home with the kids and Mark gets bigger, and the children are really missing me. Mark’s mother is staying with them, and she is such a big help. We are so thankful to have her. My parents are doing most of the running for the children, and that is a huge help. And precious families are providing meals for our crew every week night.

Thank you all for praying us through this.


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  1. Claudia Huisman says:

    Such good news! The previous days you were hoping so badly for these steps forward, and now they are coming, great! Now all we need is a smile on her face… Take care, warm rgds, Claudia x

  2. Donna Allen Nance says:

    Diane…this just thrilled my heart to hear of improvement even just small improvement. We will never meet but as children of God we are part of your family. Prayers and love coming from my heart here in tiny Folkston Georgia…on

  3. Lorna Vandzura says:


    I just wanted to say “thank you” for taking the time to write about your journey (especially through this tough time). Your family has been in my prayers. So happy to hear about your daughter’s improvements. What an encouragment you are, to see God working through you and your family!

    God Bless…Lorna

  4. Luke A. Holzmann says:

    Thank you for the update. That is very encouraging! We’ll keep praying and thanking God for the work He is doing. May His grace and peace continue to keep you, and may His joy continue to be your strength.


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