A Rather Haphazard Father’s Day

I hardly even remembered it was Father’s Day with my thoughts being so consumed with caring for Evangeline. The kids remembered though.

I woke up Sunday morning and really didn’t think Evangeline would be able to go to church. And I also didn’t think I could get her ready in time.

Mark was still sleeping, and I remembered it was a Father’s Day. So I figured I’d bake a chocolate cake for my Father, and we’d take all the kids down for a visit.

I thought a ride might do Evangeline some good, and figured she could lie down on the bed while we were there.

But she really did well. She even went outside to see some of the kids try their first swim of the year in the icy water.









She’s doing really well, and continuing to heal every day.

Thanks you all so much for your prayers.


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  1. Penny says:

    They all look so happy! So great to see Evangeline with them all again! Love the shivery look on…is it Jonathan or David? You took down my handy reference photos. 🙂

    I didn’t remember FD either till one of my students told me. Serious fail. But you had a much better excuse than I did. “So I figured I’d bake a chocolate cake…” – words never ever uttered by me in this lifetime (although conceivably by my son). You are a domestic goddess. No, don’t argue. Anyone who raises 11 kids is a domestic goddess, let alone adding spontaneous chocolate cake.

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