Help Bring Sweet Alivia Home!

I am thrilled to share that we will be giving 50% of the profits on all Pediped shoe sales from now through July 31st to help bring this precious little one home!

Alivia is waiting for her family in Guangdong. She will be coming home to a big family, and Alivia will be their sixth daughter from China.

Here is a picture of her sweet sisters. You can read about her story here.

Here are a few words from her new Mother.

“We are awaitng travel approval to bring home our 8th child. We find ourselves, now, as we adopt our sixth daughter from China,  in urgent need of funds as we are expecting travel dates any day now.  Sweet  Alivia is waiting for us in Guangdong and will be 4 in the early Fall. We hope she will be home with us for her 4th Birthday! We can hardly wait to hold our sweet daughter in our arms.  In order to keep our travel costs down, only one of us will be traveling for her.

We have been so blessed by so many who have helped us fundraise. God has blessed us with adoption angels who share our hearts for adoption. I am so thankful for my friends who really understand the HUGE need for families to bring these sweet children home. 

There are far too many orphans in the world.  These kids, my Alivia, really need their very own family, a mom to wipe their tears, a family to carry their sweet little picture around, someone to cheer them on through their firsts, someone to wipe the tears when their down, someone who cheers when they take their first bike ride and someone who scoops them up when they fall. Everyone deserves to be loved, everyone deserves a family. My sweet Alivia has a family now , but it doesn’t ever leave my mind that so many more are still waiting!”

Let’s get this little one home!!!

Click on my Pediped fundraiser page at the top of the page for the details.

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