Children On My Sidebar

I have wanted to put pictures of our children on my sidebar since I began my blog.  The only problem has been that I have not had a great camera or much technical ability.  The mere thought of the entire process of editing and actually getting all the photos on my blog has been very daunting for me.

The other problem has been that our older children have no tolerance for me in the photographer role, so catching a good face picture has been next to impossible.

Nevertheless, I have done it!  Here they are, all of our eternal blessings!  I’m still working on getting clearer shots for a couple of the children, but at least they are all up there on my sidebar.

I must say, I am so proud of each one.  Even though I know they are God’s blessings to me and not at all to my credit, my mother’s heart still soars at the sight of them.

And somehow in my mind, I have passed a tacit right of passage in the world of mommy “blogdom” because I now finally have pictures of our children on my sidebar!!

Blessings All!

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