This Man

I love Thursdays around here, even though they are really long.  We have a home-school co-op that lasts most of the day and then ballet, and we finally arrive home around eight, which happens to be about the same time my sweet husband gets home.  Sometimes, on Thursdays, he brings pizza,

and Krispy Kreme.

My kids are so happy to see their Dad,

and, of course, thankful for the doughnuts.

But, me?  I am so thankful for my man and each one of my precious blessings!

How I love this man who shares his life with me, this man who turned another year older yesterday by my side,

this man who is willing to allow God determine the size of our family.

How I love to see our children enjoy each other,

and develop friendships that I pray will span the years.

Tonight, as I sit here with my children all around me,  waiting for pre-approval from China about another very special blessing and celebrating another birthday with my man, I am acutely aware of how incredibly blessed I am to have this man by my side believing God with me.  And I am aware of how blessed my children are too to have a Daddy who not only loves them and their mommy, but who loves The Savior too.

All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children. ~ Isaiah 54:13

Happy Birthday, sweet man of mine!


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  1. aunt dot says:

    Diane, you never cease to amaze me; the love of family and life you have when others could only aspire to what you have. What a wonderful mother and wife you are. Let me add a few words on Mark … You are an incredibly patient, understanding and loving man and your children adore you. You love to show your “authority” with a yell now and again but as fast as you let out a yell you turn back into that wonderful human being you are. You have the perfect wife, she adores you; you adore each other. You have the most beautiful children and they also adore you even though now and again they love to “test” you. I always leave your home a bit jealous and wishing I had chosen a different road. But, in reality, I love the life I used to have and memories are, after all, what pulls us through. Am proud to be your aunt dot …

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