Do They See Me Smile?

Lately it seems like my mind is going a mile a minute.  I think of all the things I need to make sure my children learn.  I think about each of their needs.  I wonder if I’m preparing my sons for adulthood.   My mind is filled with what I need to get at the grocery store, and with just getting out the door.

I think about fundraising to bring home a sweet teenage blessing from China, and I wonder how we’ll meet her needs too.

And I wonder, in the midst of all the busyness of my mind, do my children see me smile at them?

Do I make the effort to pause my rapid firing brain and connect with my children each day with a warm heartfelt smile?  Do my eyes rest on theirs ?

Do I show each one how much I enjoy them?

Do I take the time to communicate to each one with a smile what an incredible privilege it is to be their mother?

I want my children to see me smile at them.  Don’t you?


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