Home Study

Hi Everyone!

Our Social worker is coming today for our home study visit.

We’ve been running around here putting everything in its place so we at least look like we can manage all these children!

Everything looks great. I’ve reminded the children that hanging from the rafters and jumping on the furniture is probably not a good idea during our visit.

I have coffee and sticky buns ready to serve.

All is well!

Pray for us!

And pray for sweet BiLu who is waiting, and has just received her very first letter ever from her Baba and Mama.

Thanks! I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    You are already WAY ahead of us in having snacks for the social worker. Generally….I’m just lucky to get the house clean enough so I didn’t cringe when she walks in the door (although, since small boys came home, I’m not sure a clean house will happen next time either). Prayers for a great visit…whatever the hoops, it’s worth it to bring a child home. Blessings, Jennifer

    • Diane says:

      Hi Jennifer!

      Not sure I’m way ahead in anything, but we did have a great first visit. He’ll be back this weekend for our last visit before we finalize the home study. We’re getting there! 🙂

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