A New Name

We have sent our 1800A off to immigration and are now waiting for its return so we can send off our dossier to China. We have everything else we need, everything else that is, except the money to send it off, but we know God is making “a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43;19

We have given a lot of thought about a name for our sweet Chinese daughter, BiLu. She will be nearly fourteen when we finally arrive in China to take her home with us, and we are certain that her name is now a huge part of her identity.

The name BiLu is a very beautiful one in China. Bi means greenish bluish colored dew, and Lu means purity. We definitely want to keep this part of who she is. It is part of her life in China and must be intricately linked to who she is.

Having said that, we also feel that it is important to give her a new name clearly identifying herself in the American culture and even more importantly forever identifying herself as our precious, God given, daughter.

God has placed much emphasis on names in the Bible. When God promised Abraham that He would make him a father of many nations, He changed his name from Abram to Abraham which means, “father of multitudes.” By changing his name, God gave Abraham a new identity and a forever reminder of His covenant with him, a promise to make him the father of many nations.

With all of this in mind, we have chosen to name our precious chosen one, Eliza Jane Bilu.

Eliza means ,”God’s promise,” or ,”Promise of God,” and Eliza is indeed our promise child.

Jane means, “God is gracious,” and it is God’s grace that is bringing her home to us.

Jane is also the same name as my mother’s name, Janet. I have always been very close to my mother. Her life is so wrapped up in mine, sometimes I’m not sure where hers ends and mine begins. I share all my dreams with my mother, she loves my children as her own, and encourages me to be the mother God has called me to be.

I grew up as a very sick little girl. Possibilities for my life may have looked bleak and limited for several years, but my mother never allowed me to dwell there amongst those limitations. It is my mother who encouraged me to dream big dreams, and to believe that I could be and do anything I wanted to.

She is also the one who first shared with me that, “One never loses when one chooses to love a child.”

It is fitting that this Chinese daughter of my dreams should bear her name.

So it is with incredible joy and and awe that we introduce our newest blessing and daughter, Eliza Jane Bilu.

Blessings All!

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  1. aunt dot says:

    Diane, what a beautiful “story.” I know, it is obvious, that you and your Mother have a very special bond. I remember your illness when you were so young. I remember the devotion your Mother gave you. And … your Father was amazing, dealing with your wheelchair, getting you to and fro. i remember the three of you meeting me when I was at a Convention in Atlantic City and the care your parents gave you was inspiring. I was always so proud that my initials, at that time were dal and so were yours, also at that time. And I remember you telling me, even not so long ago … “you are so like your Aunt Dot.” I always kept this as my inspiration to be as good as I could be and as kind as I could be. Haven’t always been on target but your inspiration does much to try to keep “on track.” Again, a beautiful posting. Am so very proud of you and your hubby and kids. Bless you all.

  2. aunt dot says:

    Sentence should have read …
    And I remember your Mother telling you … “you are so like your Aund Dot” and you in delight at telling me what she said!!

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