These aren’t the best pictures, but I just had to show you these smiles!

This one is so blurry, but she is just giddy here!

Sweet, sweet smiles!

Oh my, how I have longed for that smile.

I’m too tired for words. I just wanted to share these pictures of our happy girls.


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  1. julia says:

    It’s all in God’s time. I am so glad he had a short schedule fr you to be ale to see the smiles.

    I wanted to send you this link to a great site to prepare easy Chinese Cuisine. http://appetiteforchina.com/ Let the girls look at the pics and they may find a food they recognize and would like to prepare.

    After 2 years I finally found the noodles Caroline has been trying to explain to me she loved do much. Not from the this site but a local restaurant. I’m happy for her, BTW they are Emilys fav too. They are happy campers now, we found the noodles.

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