Miracle On 34th Street!

(Just as an aside, CHOP is located on 34th and Civic Center Blvd.)

We are going home!

Praise God!

Are you ready for this?

On Tuesday, the doctor told me Evangeline was septic. In his words, she met, “all criteria for sepsis.” We were told that this could be a long haul.

And then, when they told us about the very resistant strain of E-Coli, things looked even more grave.

They drew more blood yesterday morning.

She has continued to improve, miraculously.


They took her off the heart monitor and the IV this morning. They will take her off the pulsox soon.

She has been drinking and eating.

And we are going home!

I asked about the sepsis.

This is what I was told, “Well, she isn’t septic now. Her blood looks good. She looks good. We don’t really see this with sepsis. We can’t really explain it, but I guess she is just super sensitive to the antibiotic.”

Ummm, no.

The body of Christ was praying for Evangeline from all over the world.

God heard and answered our prayers.

The Master Physician healed Evangeline!

Yes, He did!

Once again, He has shown His mighty hand in our lives!

To God be ALL the glory!


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  1. Karen Mateeff says:

    THANK YOU, OUR GOOD AND AWESOME GOD! Heavenly Father, Thank you for your healing power. You are mighty to save. We love you and praise your name. JESUS LIVES! Evangeline is healed! May he continue to give her strength in her health!!!! So very pleased!!!!

  2. Melanie says:

    Oh! Praise HIM!!! I had no doubt whatsoever that He would heal her. I’m so grateful He did it so quickly so you both can get home to the nurturing love from the rest of your family. Thank you God!! Thank you!!!

  3. sarah tellis says:

    Jesus is showing up and showing off HIS glory!!! We have prayed for this child and He has heard us! My heart is joy filled and a deep sense of relief washes over me.

  4. Diane Boring says:

    We are praising God for healing sweet Evangeline. My daughter, Nancy Jackson (who adopted her little girl in China the same time as you) posted your blog on her facebook tonight. I cried as I read about her illness and prayed. So thrilled to hear how well she is now doing. My husband and I will keep her in our prayers. We love her even though we have never personally met her. God delights in our prayers for her. He is SO GOOD~!!!

  5. Gordon Garrett says:

    Such a wonderful smile (in picture) And Awsome friends there with her. I love the bears dress !
    Yes our God is an Awsome God ! And He is Still in the Healing Business. Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow !

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