Enduring Faith

Mark and I are convinced that God’s hand is in every adoption.

It is He who miraculously weaves the lives of the children together with their families. It is He who creates the desire deep within our hearts to adopt, and it is He who provides the funds to bring the children home.

We are certain that our role in adoption is to obey the One who calls us, and to trust Him to finish the work He has started in our hearts.

It took us a while to really believe that deep within us.

There were many in the adoption community who grew our faith, but there was one family who came along side us and supported us from the very beginning. They were with us in the early days when we wondered if we might be able to adopt someday. They answered our questions and helped us to understand the process.

When we were faced with the most difficult decision to leave our agency and the money we had spent behind, and begin the process anew to adopt Evangeline along with Eliza with an empty bank account, Roy and Lori Cross believed with us and gently reminded us that God would provide everything that we needed.

When our faith was weak, theirs was strong and enduring.

We have been so very blessed by their friendship.


Now they have stepped out in faith to adopt their seventh child from China, another very precious little one.


Adéye Grace is four years old and a very tiny, nineteen pounds.


She is shy and needing so desperately to be loved. She clung to the Lifeline staff who visited her orphanage a few months ago.


She is tiny and unable to see, and she waits for her family to come.

Mark and I feel called to partner with Roy and Lori as they pray in the funds to bring their newest blessing home.

We have arranged for Project Hopeful to collect the funds for their adoption of Adéye. All donations given through the donate button on my blog go directly into the Project Hopeful account that is fully tax deductible.

The Cross Family still needs about $30,000. The need is big, but our God is bigger.

Please use the donate button on my blog for all donations. If you prefer to send a check by mail, I can provide you with the Cross Family’s address. You may email me at MyLifeInGodsGarden@gmail.com.

Will you please share this post as you can and help us raise awareness of their need?

Sweet Adéye Grace is waiting.

God places the lonely in families;
he sets the prisoners free and gives them joy. Psalm 68:6

Blessings All!

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  1. Terri says:

    I just made a small donation but I will be back to give more! Just waiting for income tax to come in. What a beautiful family and beautiful little girl!

  2. Karen says:

    Every now and then I take a look on Wonderful Waiting Kids. The last time I did I was so happy to see that she was going home ! I just started a new job so it wasn’t much but I sent some $ today.

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