Feeling Normal Again

Evangeline came home from the hospital a week and a half ago, and I finally am beginning to feel like myself again.


She made the adjustment amazingly well.


We are all so thankful to have her home again.


Sophia is especially happy to have her sister back.


Their pretty pink room is alive again with the happy sound of girlish laughter.



On Monday, we took her to immigration to take the oath of citizenship.


And even there, her resilient spirit seemed to shine a light of hope and happy endings to all who had the blessing of sharing a moment with her.


And those pretty pink crutches?

They were special ordered.


Is there any other color?

Blessings All!

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  1. Claudia says:

    wow! Such a happy post with a radiant Evangeline and siblings 😉 She obviously knows where she belongs: with YOU!!
    Happy weekend and warm regards,

  2. Penny says:

    I think if anyone wanted to understand why adoption is important, they would only have to compare Evangeline’s radiance and sparkliness in these photos, and the love on her face for her family, with the fearful and tense face of the lonely little girl in the photo in your previous post. Says it all!

    So happy that you’re settling into a new normal!

  3. Karen says:

    She’s looks happy to be home ! I am eternally thankful that she is in your loving family !
    Karen, Corrie and Emily

  4. Kelli Dominguez says:

    I check your blog everyday to see how your family is doing. I’ve prayed for your girls Evangeline and Eliza as well as your whole family. You insire me and encourage me with your faith, even though you get fraustrated or tired, you still have your faith. Since I’ve been reading your blog, my 21 yr old daugther was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma cancer on March 22, 2013. She’s currently in chemo and will have 3 months of chemo, limb sparing surgery (cancer is in her shin) and then 8 more months of chemo. Your persistence and faith has actually really helped me to get through our struggles. I enjoy reading your blog and do pray for your family. Thanks for being in the cyber world. Evangeline looks happy to be home.

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