This is Ann’s newest update about Teresa.

Surgery is at 7:30am Monday morning . God must move another huge mountain . They feel her pulmonary pressure may be too high for the Berlin to work . It is not looking hopeful but they are going to try . She said she would not give up on her but If the pressure is too high the blood will not be able to go to the left side and nothing else can be done . She will bring her out of the OR for us to hold her so she will not die alone . We always promised Teresa we would never leave her . Please pray and beg God to keep her with us . If it is His will to take her home we would ask for prayers to accept this also . Please share and ask the world to not stop praying ! ~Ann

The situation is extremely dire. Please pray that God would bless Teresa with long life upon this earth and in her parents arms.


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  1. Penny says:

    Oh no. This can’t be. Please G-d……please…..

    G-d can make miracles beyond what we can comprehend. I pray that that’s his plan here…

  2. Jane Shepherd says:

    Diane, this little angel has been part of my daily prayer. We are praying for her every time she comes to mind. Which is constantly. Praying Praying and still praying. Love you.

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