This time my post is not about water. My mind is inundated instead with choosing curriculum for all of our children, and creating a schedule that will actually allow us to accomplish all those curriculum plans for all my various and sundry children. 🙂 My brain is mush tonight.

On top of that, I have embarked on a new food journey with my kids. As many of you know, I have a very sensitive digestive system, and am very limited in what I can eat and continue to feel well.  I started out feeding our children all natural foods.  Yet over the years, I have allowed more and more  prepared foods and snacks.  My husband works long hours and is rarely home for meals during the week, and somehow over the years I have ended up only cooking what I know the kids will eat.

The down side is that the children’s diets have grown increasingly more narrow, and I have begun spending so much time preparing things for the children that I cannot eat that I don’t have any energy left to make food for myself.

So, just as the pressure heightens to begin our home school,  I am also setting some new standards for our food around here.

Instead of cereal, I gave the children homemade oatmeal muffins sweetened with agave nectar and apple sauce and apples for breakfast.

I must say they were very good, and I felt I had prepared something healthy, but making muffins does take more time than cereal.

…And not everyone is as happy with carrot sticks and hummus as our little David is.

I have decided that I need to drink less coffee,

and more green tea.

Which I must say, does nothing to satisfy my craving, or give me that extra boost to get through the dinner hour like the coffee does, even though I drink it in the special cup my husband brought me from England.

It is a pretty cup, don’t you think?

I hope your school years are all getting off to a good start this year!  Perhaps I’ll be a bit more lucid in a week or two.  🙂

Sunday Snapshot
Blessings All!

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