Coming Up For Air

Yesterday, for the entire day, I was convinced it was Thursday.  I finally discovered my error at 11:30 last night when I was checking my email.  You can imagine my feeling of dismay when I discovered I had to live Thursday all over again today, and that I was still two full days away from Saturday when my precious husband is home with all of us.  🙂

It does give me another day to work on our schedule, though. Home School starts on Monday for us, and my daughters and I have been scheduling our days in half hour time slots with little blocks of colored paper with activities written on them.  Each person has a color.

We’ve been adding the books we’re going to use to our shelves.

And copying schedule worksheets for each of us.

Since I’m schooling high schoolers too,  I really feel the weight of making sure we actually accomplish what we start out to.  I just don’t see any other way to make sure we fit it all in, and a schedule will free me from always having to direct the children all day long.  The children will know where they are supposed to be, and who they are supposed to be working with at any given time – in theory. 

I’m scheduling everything to make sure I don’t forget anything, chores, showers, personal devotions, family Bible reading time, etc..  Each of the older children will have a half hour in their school day to work with the little ones either doing math facts, reading, playing or hearing the children read.

Creating a schedule is definitely not in my comfort zone.  I am, by personality, a live in the moment kind of girl.  However, even I can see that there is way too much to fit into our days to leave it all up to whim.

I’m even scheduling blogging/writing time for me. 🙂  I’d better get back to my scheduling!

God bless you all, and thanks for stopping by!

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