Livi Lou Who

My husband, Mark, wrote this and put it on his Facebook page yesterday. I thought it was so precious that I’d share it here today too.

Inspiration hit me at 6:00 this morning, coincidentally after Olivia had hit me several times, and I wrote a poem for everyone out there who has experienced sharing a bed with a child.

With apologies to Dr. Seuss, I offer you:

An Ode to Livi-Lou Who


Late every night, please don’t ask me when,
Our bed is visited by an elf-like friend.
It’s tiny and sweet, and makes hardly a noise,
Which is how I can tell it’s not one of the boys.
But this is no elf, no it is not,
But rather a Who, the tiniest tot.
Livi-Lou Who, who is twice more than two,
Wakes up every night knowing just what to do.
She slips from her cot and climbs up on our bed,
Crawling her way to lie close to my head.


With knees in my back and hands in my face,
This tiniest of Whos is all over the place.
Tossing and turning, she never lies still,
She is the answer to, “Why, why a sleeping pill?”
Her dad kissed her forehead and laughed as he spoke,
“Why, child, I wish to survive your kicks and your poke!
The smacks on my face, which you never announce,
Come every night, waiting to pounce.”
She giggles and laughs and snuggles in close,
And THAT is the part that I love the most.


Happy Christmas Everyone! May all your Whos be Merry!



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  1. Viona Hafer says:

    Oh, Diane! This is hysterical! I read it to my husband last night as our little two year old daughter laid wiggling between us!

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