On Angel’s Wings

This is the post I have been dying to write.

Our sweet girl is getting better!

Her fever spiked again last night, but came down quickly and never rose again through the early morning hours!

And all the concerns about the toxic E-coli die off?

We never really saw it.

There are many whispers around here about how quickly she turned around.

I know she was carried on angel’s wings through this last hurdle.


An extremely rare form of very resistant E-coli is nothing for the Master Physician who brought her home to us from the other side of the world just in time to address all these life threatening issues.

Our Heavenly Father has great plans for Evangeline!

We are praying for a day with no fevers. If she can go 24 hours without a fever, they will cut back on the IV.

Our tiny princess has very tiny veins, and they don’t hold up well to the very strong and irritating antibiotic that she is being given. We are barely getting twelve hours out of a vein, and we’re waiting for the IV team to decide what they want to do. She needs a new IV now, but they can’t find a big enough vein.

If she can begin to drink more without vomiting, that will help too.

We are blessed by your prayers.

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  1. Debbie Bond says:

    This is wonderful news ~ God is good. I’m so glad she has such a wonderful family and a great team of doctors taking care of her. Evangeline’s smile lights up the room!

  2. Claudia Huisman says:

    aaah, look at that smile, that is what you want to see! What a strong girl she is! Hope she will be fever-free soon and then you can maybe even start thinking about taking her home and be back with your family!
    warm regards, Claudia

  3. Erin Schmidt says:

    Praising the Lord with you for her healing! So glad that the Lord is being glorified through this when others are noticing how she sailed through the night when the worst was predicted! We will continue to pray for her healing and strength for you. I’m sure this must have been super scary!
    Erin Schmidt recently posted..ChristmasMy Profile

  4. Penny says:

    So great to see her smile and read this update!

    Can she suck ice chips? Sometimes that’s a good way to stay hydrated if drinking isn’t working.

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