Update On Evangeline

On Monday, I took Evangeline to see Dr. Campbell.

Dr. Campbell is the spinal surgeon who wants to put a veptr in her back to support her spine at the curve.

For information and pictures of a veptr, click here.

Evangeline’s spine is very short and does not allow the appropriate amount of space for her lungs to expand properly.

Her scoliosis is worsening over time, and as it falls, it will continue to compromise the pulmonary cavity and further stress her heart and lungs.

The problem is that her spinal cord is extremely fragile so that any surgery is quite risky for her, and we all feel Evangeline really needs a break from hospitals and surgeries for a while.

So, we’ve chosen to give her nerves some more time to heal, and watch her spine for a while before we opt for more surgery.

She’ll see Dr. Campbell again in August.

Thanks for praying for our sweet girl!


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One comment

  1. Claudia Huisman says:

    exiting times for you! Fingers crossed she keeps making progress in terms of healing…
    warm rgds,

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