The Aftermath Part 2 – A Lake On Overload

Yesterday was an exhausting one for all of us who live here on the lake and along its rivers.   As the waters rose and rushed over bridges, families desperately tried to save their homes from its fury.  Many were evacuated as dams above and below us threatened to collapse under the force of the rushing waters.

Our side yard

Our Road

The Road In Front of Our House

My Aunt's House, diagonally across the street from our house

The water in this picture is covering the driveway of my Aunt's house

Officials attempting to secure the dam

My Dad

Our house on the hill escaped the waters except for the garage!

Just a bit of history…

My family has lived on this lake for generations, beginning with my maternal great great grandparents who used its waters to fuel their feed mill.  My father’s ancestors came from Canada to work in the feed mill, and my father grew up in the house next door to us and across the street from my mother. 🙂 Yes, he married the girl across the street.  Does that ever happen anymore? Anyway, it was his idea to build our basement six inches above ground level.  It took over 100 loads of dirt to make our little hill.  How wise he was!

Everyone is safe and those whose homes suffered damage will be repaired.  The waters are receding. The sun is shining and promising dryer days.

We are so thankful!

Blessings All!


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