No, For Now

This week, the thought of having Evangeline in the rehab for several weeks just seemed too hard to bear, and I asked the case worker at the rehab to explore our options for bringing her home and for outpatient therapy.

I was just so worried about her spending so much time away from us and out of our home when she only came home six months ago.

For a while she seemed really distant, and I was concerned about how the trauma of it all was affecting her.

But after looking at the big picture and talking to the professionals and various disciplines, we all decided that it is just premature to bring her home.

The nerve damage to her leg has been significant and the general consensus is that it will require a considerable amount of time to heal and long term physical therapy. If we take her out prematurely, we could risk losing coverage for the physical therapy she really needs.

So, Evangeline is not coming home any time soon.

She will definitely remain at the Children’s Seashore House at CHOP until April 30th. At that time, there is a chance her stay will be lengthened if she still needs intensive physical therapy.

We’ve discussed the whole situation with Evangeline, and she seems to understand why she is there. She also seems to be back to her happy, spunky self.

So far, we have visited every single day.

I’m really not sure how much longer we will be able to continue visiting everyday. It has gotten really expensive for us to run back and forth to Philadelphia, and the schedule has been tough on the kids at home.

Emotionally, I’ve had to let go and accept that for now, God has allowed this trial into our family for a reason, and we have to trust Him for all the needs. He knows it all and has a plan.

I have to trust Him with Evangeline’s heart.

I have to trust him financially as we walk through this.

And I have to trust Him to work this all together for good in our children’s hearts as we walk through this hardship together.

He is faithful.

Some of you have asked for the address to send cards to Evangeline. I have placed the address on my sidebar just above my About Me photo.

We received a few cards this week. Thank you so very much.


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  1. Penny says:

    Well, at least you tried…it sounds like you have made some peace with the situation. I’m so glad she has perked up. I wish I could do something practical to help but will continue to pray that everything fall into place to make things easier for you.

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