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Monday Musings, Part II

"When we'd been home from China for about two and half years, a deep weariness began to fill our family. The needs of our children consumed us, and new needs seemed to develop at every turn. We began to wonder how to meet all the needs and to doubt that we had even done the right thing in abandoning the wisdom of this world and stepping out in faith, actually stepping off the cliff, to adopt the girls. We were overwhelmed with our inadequacies."


I’m just amazed at how much progress Eliza has made since we brought her home in September. She has solidly claimed her spot amongst the children, And grandchildren. She has become my house helper. She loves to organize and keep the house neat....

A Good Day

Tonight I am overwhelmed with the enormity of how God has blessed us through adoption. I don’t even know where to begin. We’re on the brink of Evangeline’s surgery and just coming through a more difficult stage with Eliza,...

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